Writing Open Textbooks

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BCcampus offers a Pressbooks account to all faculty at British Columbia Post secondary institutions.

Pressbooks is simple book production software that allows you to write your own book, or import your manuscript, and export into several file formats you need to publish your books including MOBI(for Kindle), EPUB, and PDF and more.

Set up your account at http://Pressbooks.bccampus.ca.

Need help setting up your account? Watch the video on Pressbooks at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGdPVbXjWoE&list=PLgxjX9d2E6q6-SJtTiQGklui20yEyuU-a.

The BC Open Textbook Adaptation Guide will assist you in both adapting and creating open textbooks. https://opentextbc.ca/adaptopentextbook/