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UBC Med School Equella instance -

Overall Goals

  1. Help UBC Med School staff become well versed with Equella software, especially Admin console functionality
  2. Identify potential gaps in the business analysis that need to be done before configuration can proceed
  3. Walk away with enough understanding of Equella to be able to proceed with purchase decision

Plan for the afternoon

  • UBC lays out prep work to date, including search, browse and contribution paths for the LOR
  • Introduce Metadata Schema Editor.
  • Introduce Contribution Wizard.
  • Introduce Hierarchy Editor.
  • Introduce Workflow Editor.
  • Introduce Security Editor, roles and permissions.
  • Introduce Power Searches
  • Introduce Customized Record Displays

Things you need to have identified:

  • what kinds of things are you describing?
  • is there a standard way people will be looking for these? who will be looking for them?
  • who is contributing them? All the same group? is there any workflow required around that?
  • who is accessing them? are there different groups?

File Downloads

Source files from SOL*R
Name URL
Equella Wizard Controls Ref guide
Equella Server Admin Guide
Equella Collection Creation Training Guide
Equella Admin Console Guide
Equella Product Overview Whitepaper
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