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The development and acquisition of digital learning content represents a huge investment in each of our institutions, indeed often far outstripping the actual costs of the systems used to deliver it.

Yet this investment is constantly under threat: each time a new LMS upgrade (or product) comes along; each time new course revisions are required; indeed even the regular term to term turnover put stress on our instructors, content developers and support staff to make sure courses are rolled out the same as before. These stresses are increased by the proliferation of sources and types of digital learning content that 'must' be made to work in our digital environments, more collaborative approaches to content and learning, the increasing demands to share content across and outside our institutional boundaries and systems, and by the promise and issues that Open Content approaches represent.

BCcampus would like to invite you to a full day gathering of BC post-secondary institutions to discuss these issues and more. Through a series of discussions and presentations we will investigate:

  • what are the best practices that are emerging in our province for dealing with these issues?
  • what role can 'open content' play?
  • which scenarios are best suited to a 'managed' approach and what existing province-wide solutions might help?

We are hoping to get broad representation across the BC system of people involved with learning content development. Space is limited, so please RSVP to Scott Leslie to be added to the list of attendees today.

October 24, 2008 9:30am-4:00pm