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Structure for Final Roundtable Discussions

For the last 60 minute sessions, the current plan is to split into 5 groups (roughly corresponding to the themes explored over the course of the day). During a 30 minute discussion, the hope is that you will

  • share what you are doing with each other
  • identify and then brainstorm any specific problems you are facing
  • report back on any specific next steps you can think of that arose from this meeting

We will reconvene for the final 30 minutes with each group getting 5 minutes to report back any high points in their conversations.

Group 1 - LMS-Oriented Learning Content Management Strategies (general)

  • Implementing a LCMS, why? how?
  • What is the specific learning content issue you wish to solve?
  • What is the next step you plan to take?

Group 2 - Alternatives to the LMS

  • Why? How? Where to start? What's missing?
  • What is one specific problem you are trying to solve with this approach?
  • What are the next steps you plan to take?

Group 3 - Coping with Copyright

  • What services does your institution provide to support Faculty who wish to ensure the courses they develop fully respect copyright?
  • How are you currently coping with the risks of copyright infringement?
  • What are the next steps you plan to take?

Group 4 - Starting an Open Content Initiative

  • How? Why? What Are the Options?
  • Interest in OCW? Issues with OCW approach?
  • What are the next steps you plan to take?

Group 5 - How can SOL*R Help You? How Can We Make SOL*R Work Better for You? Province-wide Possibilities?

  • Criticisms and Issues
  • Suggestions for Improvement
  • As a shared service? For discipline-based groups? Inter-institutional collaborations?