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Brief Update on SOL*R

  • 800+ resources and growing
  • Better reporting now in place
    • Authors have always been able to get numbers on a per resource basis, but we can also report by Institution (and by the Institutions of the Users reusing resources)
  • Coming Soon (we promise!)
    • Will include a number of OAI-harvested partner sites (e.g. COPPUL's ANTS collection)
    • Integration with UBC Flash Timeline Tool
    • Way for public to request access from owner to BC Commons-licensed content (and way to opt-out)

SOL*R as LCMS Service, Equella Pilots

  • Possibility of Using SOL*R/Equella for internal learning content management needs
    • Royal Roads Pilot
  • Possibility of Using SOL*R for discipline-based groups, inter-institutional collaborations
    • cf. ALPS example - http://www.eln.bc.ca/irl/
    • this is also an example of how we can create different front ends to SOL*R/Equella

Other Ways SOL*R May be of Service

  • RSS feeds
    • Easy way to stay abreast of new content, can be keyword-drive or generic
    • Easy way (via things like SOLR:http://feed2js.org/ Feed2JS) to embed links to new resources
  • LMS Integrations (WebCT, Blackboard, Moodle, Angel)
  • THIS WIKI - a place to document and share grassroots best practices for content interoperability and migration

Introducing New OER Site

  • http://freelearning.bccampus.ca/
  • Does one thing only - provide simple way to search for Open Educational Resources and Open Textbooks
  • Created as a (low cost/low effort) way to raise awareness in BC for both BC-based and global OER
  • We can easily create one of these for you, to maintain on your own or else to re-brand but with the same back-end engine