Adopting Open Textbooks

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Can adopting open educational resources make education more accessible to learners and empower educators to share?


The information is a three-step process to adopting open textbooks for educators. It is a modified version of the Find, Author, and Share Open Textbooks course.

Open Textbooks

The three major steps are:

1. Discovering open educational materials and selecting appropriate ones based on the various criteria;

2. Following an adoption process where you work with other stakeholders including students to promote a best-use model, and;

3. Sharing your knowledge of discovery and adoption of open educational materials with others in your discipline, campus, or learning community.


Outline for Adopting Open Textbooks



Finding Open Textbooks

Selecting and Finding More

Open Licensing

Adopting and Using Open Textbooks

Authoring Tools

Author-Adopter Communities

Additional Resources

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