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Want to write or edit an existing open textbook but not sure where to start? These resources provide information for potential open textbook authors and adapters.

6 Steps to Adapting an Open Textbook

  • Once you have made the decision to adopt an open textbook, you may wish to modify or adapt that textbook to fit your specific needs. This is a quick 6 step guide to adapting open textbooks to your specific needs.

B.C. Open Textbook Authoring Guide

  • This book is a practical guide to adapting or creating open textbooks using the PressBooks platform.The primary audience for this book are faculty in British Columbia, Canada who are participating in the B.C. Open Textbook project. However, there may be content within this book that is useful to others working on similar Open Educational Resource initiatives.

B.C. Open Textbook Accessibility Toolkit

  • The Accessibility Toolkit is a collaboration between BCcampus and CAPER-BC. The goal of the Accessibility Toolkit is to provide the resources needed so that each content creator, instructional designer, educational technologist, librarian, administrator, teaching assistant, etc. has the opportunity to create a truly open and accessible textbook. An open textbook that is free and accessible for all students.