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This short video explains why open education matters!
The video is created by David Blake and licensed as CC BY.

Adopting OER in the classroom isn't just a financial decision; using OER in place of traditional textbooks is better for everyone involved.

Adopting OER in place of traditional textbooks is:

  • Better for Students
  • Better for Faculty
  • Better for Institutions
  • Better for Society

In his blog, David Wiley explains how recent studies have demonstrated wide ranging benefits of adopting OER, including:

  • Reduced student drop/withdraw rates
  • Increased student grades
  • Cost savings
  • Pedagogical freedom for faculty

To learn more about the benefits of OER for students, faculty, and institutions, check out:

Some of this material is based on original writing by David Wiley, which was published freely under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license at: http://opencontent.org/blog/archives/3743