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The BCOER wikispace is a collaborative working space for BC postsecondary librarians interested in open education resources (OER). The pages in this wikispace are living documents, and can be adapted and used by anyone.

Why use a wiki?

Using a centralized wiki to host content means that any user with a wiki account can make changes to pages in the wiki or add new pages as needed. Each page in the wiki can be embedded into another platform (such as a LibGuide or a Wordpress). Embedding content creates a link (as opposed to a copy) of the content. Whenever changes are made to the wiki content, the linked content in the institution's guide will also change.

Each page in the wiki can be embedded into a LibGuide box. Therefore, it is important to remember that content in the wiki should be “chunked” into small, digestible amounts of information.

Creating a new wiki page

To create a wiki page, type the URL:


Replace "New_Page_Name" with whatever page name you desire. The wiki software will automatically convert underscores (_) into spaces and create the page title for you based on the URL.

The new page will say, "There is currently no text in this page."

Click "Create" to start adding content to your new page, and click "Save" when you have finished to create the new page.

Create wiki page screenshot.png

Adding wiki page to the BCOER namespace

To add a page to the BCOER namespace, type at the bottom of the page:


The SubcategoryName should be one of the categories listed on this page, such as:


Create wiki page screenshot2.png

Further information

For more information on wiki formatting best practices and technical information, see the BCOER Help Documents subcategory.