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BCOER Wiki Content - Best Practices

All content on the BCOER media wiki pages are open for anyone to use and stream into their own personal websites or LibGuides. Because of this, we must ensure that the formatting and content generation follow the same standards across all pages developed. If we begin to use formatting that are not a part of this best practices documents, the content streamed into the sites will look disjointed and clumsy.

To avoid formatting problems, please develop and modify all content according to the formatting and content development practices laid out in this document.


All images for the BCOER group logos and resources can be found on the UBC Wiki: http://wiki.ubc.ca/Category:BCOER

To embed an image on the BCOER wiki pages that will stream onto into LibGuides or a Wordpress site, simple copy the URL of the image from the UBC Wiki and paste it into the Mediawiki page. This will automatically generate the image on the wiki.
Image url.PNG

Note: If you are using an image that is not hosted on the UBC Wiki, add the image directly to your LibGuides or Wordpress account.


For all institutional branding, please use your own Libguide/Wordpress site to brand content. If you brand in the mediawiki BCOER space, all users will have your institutional brand. You can add a brand to your own space and embed the wiki content before or after your institutional brand.


To ensure that all content is standard across the wiki, use the following heading system:

'Heading 3

  • Use heading 3 for all top level headings.

Heading 4

  • Use heading 4 for all top level sub-headings.
Note: Do not create a title heading for the wiki page. If you want a title for the page, please create the title in your LibGuide or Wordpress site.

Resource Lists

To include additional content on the resource pages, follow the following formatting standards:

  1. Name of Resource - Hyperlinked and Bolded
  2. Line Break
  3. Description of the Resource
  4. Two Line Breaks

For example: Resource code.PNG

Naming Conventions

Content Pieces

When developing content for the wiki, remember to section the content into smaller pieces by developing multiple pages. This will make the content more usable for people who only want to embed sections of a larger document.

For example:

Define oer.PNG

  • A single wiki page containing the definition of OER. This page is used in multiple spaces on a Libguide.
  • The definition of open education resources is used on multiple pages in a Libguide embed. Due to this the definition has a separate wiki page.

Define example 1.PNG

  • The definition of OER is streamed into the right box of the Level 3 Repository page of the Open Education Libguide.

Define example 2.PNG

  • The definition of OER is also streamed into the centre box of the Open Education Resources Repository page of the Open Education Libguide.


Categories are used to group together pages on similar subjects. They are found at the bottom of an article page and, when clicked, bring up a category page listing the articles (or other pages) that have been added to that particular category.

For all BCOER wiki pages developed, the category will be "BCOER." When you develop a page in the wiki, place the following code at the bottom of the page to categorize the content.

The category code is placed within double square brackets (e.g. [[ ]].) The statement in the brackets is as follows: Category:BCOER

The code will look like the following: Category.PNG